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Women's Handicrafts Center Abu Dhabi

Women's Handicrafts Center is a place being run by the government of Abu Dhabi. The Women’s Association in UAE are the ones responsible in running and managing the center.There are various skills of the women in Abu Dhabi that can be seen in the center. Some of the skills are the art of weaving where various materials are being used, sewing where various styles are being shown, and basketry where the simplest to the most detailed way of making baskets can be seen. There are more handicrafts being done in the place that greatly helps not only the creativeness of the women but more so, their personal development. IF you wish to take a lifetime memory of the crafts being shown, some personnel allow tourists to take a photo of the finished products being made. Some products are woven bags, coffee pots, baskets, trays, and a lot more. Women's Handicrafts Center is indeed a must see.


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